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Varchev Mutual Funds

Investment in Mutual Funds in Bulgaria is getting more and more popular last years, due to the good return from the investment, the low expenses and the transparency of management.

The most famous and successful financial institutions in the world have the names of their creators. As a promise for transparency and personal commitment to the investors. As a guarantee on the striving for the best possible and safest management of personal and corporate capitals.

What is Mutual Funds?

(Contractual Funds): Mutual Funds is a collective investment plan, which unites the money of many investors in one portfolio, as every investor gets the exact number of shares, proportionally of the money he invested. The investment can be in stocks, futures on raw materials, indices, debentures or a combination of them. The assets of the Mutual Funds ( financial instruments ) are stored in a Deposit Bank – our is Unikredit Bulbank. The bank calculates on daily bases the price per share and is published in: www.varchev.com .Every person who is invested in our Funds gets shares, and in the moment he wants to cash out his investment he sells back his shares to the Fund, who is obliged to buy them right ahead.

How do we manage your money?

The management of the investment portfolios at Varchev high Yield Fund and Varchev Balanced Fund is active. That means that the owned assets and markets are analyzed on daily bases, decisions are made for the sell or adding on the position. Precisely because of the active management we succeeded to safe the investments of our clients even during the biggest economical crisis, after the Big Depression in the United States of America. The active way of management is proven to lead to bigger returns than the passive way.

Our sole purpose is to increase our money, as the most important for us is to safe them in the moment of crisis. We are led by the maxim : “We will cash out everything tomorrow if we have to”.

Where do we invest?

Probably everyone has heard of the axiom “Don’t keep all of your eggs in the same basket”. We have 5. We invest your financial resources on the markets in USA, Germany, France, UK and less in Bulgaria. That way we lower the risk from one market by using the return of 4 of the most developed stock markets. We invest in developed markets with low expenses.

In what do we invest?

Again we will surprise you pleasantly. What we offer to you is to become owners of part of companies as Apple, Alibaba Group, Facebook, Microsoft, Daimler, Volkswagen, Google and others. By investing money in Mutual Funds you become the owner of an empire of the biggest and strongest companies in the world. We invest only in the so called “blue chips”, the best companies included in the stock indices and the relevant country, in which companies are leaders in their sectors.

How do we protect your money?

Over the last years the financial engineering let us win even with the falling prices of the stocks. There are financial instruments, which protect the portfolios of the Fund during the falling market. Those kind of instruments are mandatory included in our portfolios, because the protection of your money is our most important axiom. Together with these financial instruments and the active management of the portfolios we minimize the risk in managing of the investments. We protect and the currency risk, as the currencies in which the stocks are, are in dollars, euros or leva.

The investments are being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days per week under the supervision of the owner Biser Simeonov Varchev. The end decisions for investment are being taken from Mr. Varchev.

Why Mutual Funds?

Mutual Funds include in themselves the most important components in investment: high return rate, profit of scale, diversification of the markets, diversifications of the financial instruments, lower transaction fees, higher liquidity, low investment expenses for the investors, management of the investments by a highly qualified team, triple control from the Deposit Bank and Commission for Financial Supervision.

Why Varchev high Yield Fund and Varchev Balanced Fund?

Mutual Funds are managed actively, with which the profitability is increased and the risk of the portfolio drop is lowered. We were one of the few, who succeeded to protect the money of our clients during the crash of the Stock Markets back in 2007 and 2008. The first leading rule for us is defense of the investments.

We invest only in liquid stock on the most developed markets – USA, Germany and France. In our portfolios are included only the biggest leaders in their sectors. We invest only in sectors, which have high value added percentage.

The profitability of our clients which invested money in Varchev high Yield Fund for 2003 is 17.8%, and for these in Varchev Balanced Fund is 10.1%.

Although the tough year for the stock markets due to the high volatility and the serious decreases in stocks during February and October the profitability of Varchev high Yield Fund for 2014 is 7.3%, and for Varchev Balanced Fund is 4%.

The difference between Varchev high Yield Fund and Varchev Balanced Fund

The difference between the two funds is in the percentage of invested money in stocks. Varchev high Yield Fund has the right to invest more money from its capital in stocks compared to Varchev Balanced Fund.

The investments in shares of Varchev high Yield Fund is for the ones looking for higher return generally from earnings, realized from active trading with stocks, ETF’s, futures and to a lesser extent from dividends, debentures and other, with compliance of strict rules in risk management and the risk/return ratio from moderate to high risk.

The investments in shares of Varchev Balanced Fund is for those looking for a return a little over bank deposits in investment with moderate risk, not willing to risk rather than preferring to save.

What to do with my money?

Every person needs to manage his free money resources observing the rule: money resources in riskless instruments – deposits and part of the money resources in instruments, which bring you higher return – Mutual Funds.