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Portfolio simulator, choose how you wish your funds to be managed

Types of portfolios, depending on the risk level, funds and time horizon

BG Portfolio

The portfolio is suitable for small provided cash over 20000 BGN. Cash can be invested only in: shared traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia AD and bonds traded CIS ( Collective investment schemes) positioned in Bulgaria. The risk of the portfolio is determined by the customer. Time garget in this portfolio is long, over 2 years.

International portfolio in shares

Портфейлът е подходящ за парични средства над 50000 лева. Средствата ще се инвестират в акции и ETF търгувани на пазарите в: САЩ до 70%; - Франция до 30%; - Германия до 50% и България до 20%. Портфейлът дава възможност за хеджиране чрез къси ETF - върху борсовите индекси. Портфейлът има дългосрочна ориентация на по-малко от 2 години

International equity portfolio ETF + CFDs and Forex

This portfolio is suitable for investors with a medium and long-term goals. Minimum funding for this portfolio is 35000 BGN and consists of financial instruments in two directions. First of all, these are stocks and ETF, with physical delivery, traded on markets in US, Germany, France and Bulgaria - the investment portion of the portfolio. Second - speculative part composed by derivatives, currency pairs, CFDs, Commodities and futures indexes - up to 50% of the total portfolio.

Speculative portfolio

This cash management method is speculative, as each deal is short for a few days. The minimum amount for this portfolio is 6 000 BGN. Financial instruments in which is invested are with leverage. In what to invest? FOREX, CFDs, Commodities, Futures and Indices. Very liquid portfolio, which allows bigger volume and frequency of transactions.

Define your portfolio, according to the cash, time horizon and risk profile


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What level of risk would you take?

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According to the combination chosen from you of cash , time horizon and risk level, you can open

Are you looking for a greater profitability?

Everyone can choose how to invest their own cash resources. The portfolio can be devided in to two parts:

The investment part is invested in equities and ETFs of large companies, traded on the regulated markets in the US and Europe with delivery of financial instruments

Speculated part may be a percentage of the total portfolio available to management. Cash from this part is invested in financial instruments in leverage: CFDs on underlying assets, currencies, indices, futures, ETF under leverage, metals, oil, etc., and can have short positions.Speculative part is invested with higher risk because it seek greater return.

Select level of risk

Risk 1 and risk 2. These two risks are considered moderate because the funds are invested only in large companies stocks in the US and Europe, as well as ETF in stock indices and sectors. All financial instruments are with real delivery and portfolios are for longer period than 1.5 years.

Risk 3. Risk 3 is considered greater than risks 1 and 2 because it seeks grater return. The portfolio consists of two parts: investment with risk 1 and risk 2 + speculative risk 4. The speculative part is the one that should carry more income to the portfolio. Therefore, risk 3 can be considered to be suitable for portfolios with medium and long timespan at higher risk.

Risk 4. Risk 4 is considered high because the funds are invested in financial instruments with leverage. We should look for higher returns at higher risk, so the invested funds may be smaller than 5000 BGN and search for yields above 40-50% per year.

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Characteristics of the "Portfolio Management"

Individual asset management is a service in which the investor provides a certain amount and the Portfolio Manager determines in which financial instruments to invest, depending on the investmen objectives, time horizon and risk level of the client. The product is for investor who do not have the necessary time or qualification. The characteristic here is that customers themselves determine the scope of their investments. Unlike other ways of investing, you do not need to make decisions about when, where and how to invest, by transferring this responsibility to experienced specialists in trading financial instruments. Our highly qualified specialists make the most appropriate strategy for managing capital according to your preferences for degree of risk and the desired yield

Disclaimer: This material should not be interpreted as a recommendation for future investments. The results are not standard or indication of a future results. In asset management the investor instructs the firm to structure and manage a portfolio of financial instruments in regards to a defined investment strategy, at its disrection and entirely at the risk of the investor. Investing in financial instruments, depending on the investment strategy entails certain risks, which is why profits are not guaranteed and investors may not recover the full amount of the invested funds.